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Based in Paris, I’m a French professional genealogist and I’ve been passionate about genealogy for more 15 years. Do you have any French ancestors? Thanks to my knowledge of the French archives and history, I can help you trace your ancestry in France.

My name is Marine and I’m convinced that family history can be fascinating for young and old alike as it is a fantastic way to gather all generations around their common history.

A surname that sounds French, a town of origin in France, sometimes in addition to a DNA test showing an ethnic group in France… That’s it, you’ve discovered an ancestor with a French origin! How to trace them back in France? It can be difficult if you don’t know the various resources available, if you cannot come on-site and if you don’t read French.

That’s why I’m here and happy to help you discover your French story, I can:

• look for the parish records, civil records, military records and the notarial deeds (marriage contractwill…) of your ancestors in France,
• translate for you these records in English,
• deep dive into your family story and provide you with a booklet containing all the French records I have found and relevant information about the places where your ancestors lived in France.

What My Clients Say

Thanks to Marine, I finally got the chance to trace the history of my ancestors. I only had a small starting point in Normandy and she was able to find the information I was missing.

Annette D.  United States

I cannot recommend Marine enough, she was prompt and very reliable in her research. She solved a family history road block that had been puzzling us for years !! She has an amazing talent, great communication and 100% trustworthy. Brilliant!!!

Jeff G. United Kingdom

After requesting research of my French ancestors from French genealogists since at least 1995 without success I reached out in January 2021 to Marine Soulas a Professional genealogist for assistance. Though other genealogists looked in the Archives of Brest as did I, Marine was able to find the record with proven old fashion detective like methods. Later on I was looking for a marriage certificate without success and Marine found it in the same folders I was searching. Though the archives are online the most difficult aspect is reading cursive manuscript that at times are illegible not including the difficulty of a foreign language. Because of Marine my family history has developed into a historical family story..

Frank L. Mexico

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