Discover your French Ancestors

Welcome to my French genealogy website and blog! My name is Marine and I’m convinced that family history can be fascinating for young and old alike as it is a fantastic way to gather all generations around their common history. I’m a French professional genealogist and I’ve been passionate about genealogy for more 15 years! Do you have any French ancestors? Thanks to my knowledge of the French archives and history, I can help you trace your French ancestry!

French Ancestors

A surname that sounds French, a town of origin in France, with addition to a DNA test showing an ethnic group in France… that’s it, you’ve discovered an ancestor with a French origin! How to trace them back in France? It can be difficult if you don’t know the various resources available and if you don’t read French.

That’s why I’m here and happy to help you discover your French story. I will look for the parish records and civil records for your ancestors in France, and I will translate them for you. I will deep dive into your family story and provide you with a booklet containing all the French records I have found and relevant information about the places where your ancestors lived in France.

Please fill in the form below to tell me more about your French ancestors. I will evaluate if the research is feasible and I will come back to you with a quote. Thank you!